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From the perspective of most countries, Japan is far more than the other side of the world; it is another world completely. Offering layers of tradition and modernity that in most other cultures simply would not be allowed to co-exist, Japan is a delightful and paradoxical mystery that is best enjoyed firsthand. While this unique ability to blend seemingly opposing ideals is a lure and mystique that makes Japan such a fascinating place to visit, a trip to Japan need not be such a challenge. With the right frame of mind and a little bit of practical knowledge, Japan promises an unforgettable experience. Perhaps nowhere else will you discover such a balance of tradition and meticulous hospitality with breathtaking vistas and a technology-driven sub-culture that leaves one looking forward to the next trip back.


Sapporo / Hakodate / Asahikawa / Obihiro / kushiro / Rishiri / Okushiri / Abashiri

Japan’s northernmost island and an outdoor lover’s paradise


Kakunodate / Tazawa / Nyuto Onsen

Relax among mountains and lakes in summer, or be dazzled by the winter snow while enjoying unique, northern cuisine.


Morioka / Hiraizumi / Tono

Stunning in all four seasons, Iwate is full of opportunities to enjoy great food and festivals, as well as magnificent scenery.


Yamagata Prefecture / Fukushima Prefecture / Aomori Prefecture

Sceneries, history, cuisine, skiing and hiking... enjoy a trip that will rejuvenate your soul.


Sado-ga-shima / Naeba / Myoko Kogen / Echigo-yuzawa-Onsen

The land of snow, hot springs and fine sake


Narita / Tokyo Disneyland

The gateway to Japan. Packed with great spots for sightseeing where are easily accessible from the capital.


Shinjuku / Akihabara / Asakusa

Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis


Kii Peninsula / Ise

Most sacred shrine, Excellent pearls, and Samurai theme park. Touch the tradition and history.


Nagoya / Inuyama / Seto / Nishio /
Toyota / Tokoname / Himaka Island /
Toyokawa / Okazaki

The center of Japanese technology that has prospered as a manufacturing base since ancient times.


Arashiyama / Gion / Kurama

The traditional and cultural heart of Japan


Umeda / Namba / Shin-Sekai

One of Japan’s major cities and home of good eating


Fukui / Echizen-Ono

Sample seafood delicacies such as Echizen crab and puffer fish, as you soak yourself in the history of Fukui’s many heritage sites.


Kobe / Toyooka / Himeji / Kinosaki

Enjoy tradition, modernity, sightseeing spots and culinary delights


Shimane Prefecture / Tottori Prefecture


Iya Valley / Tsurugi-san

Hidden springs and fantastic scenery amid pristine natural surroundings.


Shimanto City / Ashizuri-misaki

Combining unspoiled natural beauty with a tropical climate


Miyajima / Iwakuni / Tomo-no-ura / Onomichi

Steeped in history and a symbol of peace the world over


Uwajima / Matsuyama / Ishizuchi-san

Fresh fruit and fish. Tour some of the castle, explore the history.


Fukuoka / Dazaifu

Many sights to see and delicious cuisine. Fukuoka leaves you satisfied every time.


Karatsu / Imari / Arita

Experience breath-taking natural scenery and traditional crafts. A trip with delighting surprises around every corner.


Kumamoto / Aso-san / Kurokawa-Onsen

Surround yourself with nature and taste gourmet flavors you will find nowhere else.


Kirisima-Yaku National Park / Satsuma Peninsula / Amami Islands

The home of historic heroes and a living volcanic landscape. Toast with delicious shochu and sample the unique Kagoshima cuisine.


Osumi Island / Miyako Island / Yaeyama Islands

Japan’s tropical side offering a unique culture and history


Iwakuni / Yamaguchi / Hagi / Shimonoseki / Mine / Ube / Hofu / Yanai

Westernmost end of Japan's main island, Honshu. Walk through the history with great food, sake and lots of superb views.


Oita / Beppu / Yufu / Nakatsu / Saiki / Kunisaki / Taketa / Hita

A treasure trove of hot springs and full of charm of gourmet food, history, and nature


Aomori / Sai-mura / Hirosaki / Mutsu / Hachinohe / Oma-cho / Goshogawara / Nishimeya-mura / Misawa

Unimaginable beautiful landscapes of the sea, mountains and lakes.

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