Special offers from Ireland to Japan from EUR 579 with two FREE stopovers in Japan

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With these promotional fares you can enjoy up to two free stopovers within Japan!

[Economy Class]
From EUR 579

[Premium Economy Class]
From EUR 999

[Business Class]
From EUR 2,199

Book by 9 October 2019.
Travel period: [Economy/Premium Economy Class] Outbound: 2 November 2019 - 14 March 2020, 29 March - 30 June 2020*
Inbound: 2 November 2019 - 14 March 2020, 15 March - 30 June 2020*.
*For travelling during the high season, EUR 30 each way will be added to the prices above.
[Business Class] Outbound/Inbound 2 November 2019 - 30 June 2020
Booking Class: Economy Special Q, Premium Economy Special E, Business Special I

Above fares are calculated based on departure from Dublin to Tokyo via Helsinki and include all taxes and surcharges.
Taxes vary depending on route and are subject to currency exchange rates at the time of ticket purchase.
Ticket Service Fee of EUR 45 will be added for telephone bookings.
Cancellation/Refund are not permitted. Reservation changes are permitted at EUR 180 (EUR 250 for Business Class). Fare adjustment may apply.
Free stopovers are applicable for the above promotional fares only.
When combining two different fares, the most restrictive conditions apply to the whole itinerary for Minimum stay and Cancellation/Refund.
The free baggage allowance is 2 pieces x 23 kg for Economy and Premium Economy Class and 3 pieces x 32 kg for Business Class.

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