Otesho Plates

Known variously as "teshozara," "oteshozara," or "otesho" depending on the region, these six to seven centimeter palm-sized plates got their name from the fact they were once used to serve salt and other seasonings at Japanese meals.

In the Edo period, otesho plates were made from Arita porcelain in a myriad of shapes, adding an elegant aesthetic to the dining table. Now young Imari and Arita ware artisans have come together in a project to reproduce Edo period otesho plates in the modern age that retain their original styling.

Cutting-edge 3D sensor technology is used to analyze the form of the plates during the reproduction process. Fine adjustments are made by hand to replicate details not captured by the sensors, resulting in the reproduction of otesho plates in 13 shapes. Each of the 21 kilns that participated in the project decorate these in their own individual style.

This project has led to the creation of over 500 varieties of otesho plate. Why not find one you like to display on your dinner table?

Address: Saga Porcelain Industry Cooperative Association
Hei-1217, Hokaomachi, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture

Airport: Nagasaki Airport
Fukuoka Airport

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